• I get a lot of false positives coming through my transaction feeds in my current platform that take quite a bit of time to review. Does Paragon do anything to help here?

    Yes. Through a proprietary process, Paragon enriches and normalizes all broker data to a standard schema. Each broker feed has the data presented in a different way, so we simplify and clean that up for you before the information is viewable in your platform. This limits the amount of false positives, saves you time, and streamlines the review process.

  • What happens when we hire a new employee after implementation? Do we have to set up their broker feeds?

    Rest assured, your new employee will have a smooth onboarding process with Paragon. When your firm has a new hire, our team will establish a feed to their accounts. We contact the brokers on your behalf for the feed setup.

  • We want our employees’ experience across our systems to be smooth and painless. Can Paragon integrate into our firm’s technology ecosystem?

    Paragon can connect via API to your internal systems, such as HR systems, trading systems, and expense management systems. Additionally, all the employees can access the platform through your single sign-on (SSO).

  • It was a lot of work to set up our current employee compliance system. Our system houses a lot of important information. How will I migrate all our firm data to Paragon?

    Our customer success team helps with your transition to Paragon every step of the way. As part of our implementation process, we work with you to develop a data migration plan so you feel confident in moving your data to Paragon seamlessly and securely.

  • Spouses/partners of our employees trade often. How can they trade in their accounts and still follow the firm’s trading policy?

    Employees can invite their covered parties, or household members, and grant them access to pre-clear personal trades for specific accounts. This allows individuals covered by your firm's personal trading policy to have autonomy without disturbing your employees.

  • We have quite a few disclosure forms and approval processes. Can these be accommodated in Paragon?

    Yes. Our implementation team will work with you to understand the forms needed and their specific requirements. Forms can be created based on any and all of your firm's policies. After gathering your form requirements, we create and configure the forms for you.

  • It’s difficult for our team to export data for our reporting processes. Does Paragon offer a reporting solution that enables analysis across disclosure types?

    Paragon offers on-the-fly reporting capabilities for simplified data review within the platform. Our reporting capabilities allow you to create visualizations and export data as needed.

  • How can I use data maintained in Paragon to monitor employees activity for potential misconduct and violations?

    Our platform has several dashboards that your team can leverage to stay ahead of potential misconduct.

  • Monitoring and tracking annual attestations is exhausting. How does Paragon make this task easier?

    Our platform allows you to get rid of spreadsheets that manually track this information. Compliance teams can actively track who has yet to complete their tasks and send their automated reminders to those employees. You will no longer need to send several separate emails to your employees. Paragon offers a simple platform for both employees and compliance teams to review and track their compliance requirements.

  • Cryptocurrency is gaining a lot of traction in the marketplace. With impending regulation, what support does Paragon offer for crypto monitoring?

    Our compliance platform offers a customizable form for pre-clearance of digital assets including buying and selling cryptocurrency (market value or units based), NFTs, and coin swaps. Our data aggregator and open API-based architecture supports connections to major digital asset platforms for transaction monitoring.

    Additionally, we house a crypto security master as well as the capabilities for your employees to create bespoke digital assets directly in the platform.