Delivering best-in-class compliance technology to make employee compliance easy for the employer and the employee

Create a compliance platform built on your firm’s policies and procedures. Our solution is built for firms at every stage, in any shape, at any size.  We set our pricing at a level that allows your firm to grow and scale.

We built Paragon to simplify compliance with the evolving regulatory landscape in mind. No matter the stage or size of your firm, Paragon’s centralized compliance platform gives your team the tools to follow regulatory rules and regulations.

With several regulatory mandates to follow, Paragon Data Labs gives you a place to keep all required documentation and processes for Code of Ethics monitoring and more in one place. Our modern technology, intuitive processes, and friendly user-interface drive an enhanced experience. This creates convenience and ease-of-use for your compliance team to monitor firm activity and for employees to carry out their compliance obligations.

The Paragon Advantage