Attestations, Certifications, and Questionnaires

A cohesive approach to complete, collect, and review yearly and quarterly employee obligations

Attestations, Certifications, and Questionnaires
Make compliance obligations less stressful for compliance teams and less confusing for employees. Paragon removes the manual work related to creating attestations, tracking, and ensuring timely completion. With disclosures in the same platform, employees can complete their attestations without interruption.
  • How will our employees know what policies, procedures, and disclosures they are attesting to?

    Paragon displays the specific policies, procedures, and disclosures within the attestation. The employee can review all information without leaving the attestation. Our platform displays disclosure data so the employee can review their disclosures and edit them if they are incorrect or outdated. Once an employee updates the disclosure information within the attestation, it automatically updates in the disclosure as well. This creates consistent data and increases data veracity across the organization.

  • The automatic reminders to employees to complete their attestations saves me a lot of time and manual emailing. What can be done if the automatic reminders are not enough?

    Paragon will follow up automatically with employees that have not yet completed their compliance obligations. In addition to reminding employees, Paragon can also include managers on these reminders after the employee has been contacted a certain amount of times. Paragon can send reminders via email and/or your firm’s preferred mode of communications (e.g., Slack, Microsoft Teams).