Crypto Compliance

A workflow integrated with personal trading to track and monitor employee crypto activity in advance of regulations

Crypto Compliance
Cryptocurrency has been and is expected to continue to be a mainstream investment choice. With impending regulation, both digital asset shops and other regulated institutions need to ensure that their compliance program can efficiently and effectively monitor their employees' transactions.
  • What does the pre-clearance form for crypto look like?

    Pre-clearance for crypto will be similar to pre-clearing a public or private security. Should your firm decide not to track crypto immediately, there is the option to turn on this feature at a later time.

  • Does our firm have to monitor employee crypto transactions?

    Regulations differ globally for cryptocurrency. Currently, there is no regulatory framework from the SEC. If your firm would like to track employee crypto activity, Paragon can take on various approaches based on your crypto policy.

  • There are thousands of cryptocurrencies with more being added regularly. How does Paragon keep track of these?

    Paragon ingests bespoke digital assets that aren’t included on centralized exchanges. When a new cryptocurrency is requested for pre-approval, it will be added to Paragon’s crypto security master. This allows for consistency across data and the ability to identify potential conflicts of interest.

  • Our firm only wants employees to trade specific cryptocurrencies. How would Paragon be able to accommodate this?

    Your firm can utilize any type of list from restricted, watch, and white lists. Using the list, there would be a rules engine that automatically rejects any pre-clearance requests for cryptocurrencies outside of the ones you allow your employees to trade.