Personal Trading Oversight

Simplify capturing, reporting, and monitoring employee personal trade activity

Personal Trading Oversight
Establish a transparent pre-clear process for employees and a straightforward review process for compliance teams, managers, and any trade request reviewer. Provide instant notice to employees if their trade request is approved, denied, or requires further review.
  • I have set up a Code of Ethics monitoring system previously. The broker connection set-up process was time-consuming and cumbersome. How is Paragon different?

    We take care of all broker connectivity for you!

     Our implementation team will collect a list of employee brokerage accounts and fill out required paperwork to establish their feeds. In addition to broker feed set up, our team will monitor and maintain the feeds.

    We have connectivity to 3,000+ financial institutions through direct and API-based feeds. With both methods, extensive coverage of your employees brokerage accounts can be provided.

  • What is a covered party and how are they managed in Paragon?

    A covered party is a non-employee user that is required to have their personal securities transactions pre-cleared by the employee. Paragon provides these users a separate login for which they can only submit pre-clearance requests and get approval to trade via email in order to streamline this process for employees and their covered parties.

  • What is the role of an Access Person in personal trading?

    Access Persons are responsible for reading, understanding, and observing the personal trading policy. They are also responsible for reporting violations of the personal trading policy to a member of the compliance department.

  • My firm trades in a specific sector and our policy states employees cannot trade in that specific sector, how can Paragon automate this?

    If your firm’s policy states a specific sector cannot be traded, there are various rules that can be in place. For example, firms can auto-deny pre-clear requests for the sector so employees get notified immediately.

  • Watch and restricted lists can become difficult to manage. How can my firm effectively manage them?

    We agree that manual management of watch and restricted lists is difficult, especially if it’s in a spreadsheet. While effectively managing watch and restricted lists can be difficult. In Paragon, you can set up automatic reminders to review securities and determine if they should remain on these lists.