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Equipping compliance teams with scalability, efficiency, and confidence

Partner with Paragon for

  • Simplification
  • Time Saving
  • Customization
  • Scalability
  • Security & Safety
  • Operational Efficiency

With our scalable, adaptable solution, your firm will be prepared to: gather and present information in the event of an audit or exam, create or update workflows when regulations change, and execute meaningful internal investigations.

No matter the stage or size of your firm, Paragon minimizes the risk of financial penalties and reputation damage by strengthening your compliance program.

Purpose-built for compliance teams, we kept firm-wide employees in mind. At Paragon Data Labs, we know that your people are the most important ingredient to your firm’s success. Employees disclosing their activity should be able to do so with minimal confusion or concern.

Through a refreshingly simple, centralized platform, we automate and streamline your critical compliance workflows, all while providing dedicated customer support.

No two firms are the same.
Your compliance solution should be designed
for your specific policies and procedures.
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